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About matt


26-year-old “AzMattic” has always been a lover of hip hop, particularly when the aesthetics of music started to change. Seeking to create a name for himself while focusing on music and his education, AzMattic utilized his free-spirited upbringing and interest in societal issues through multiple platforms. By voicing his opinions on current events and working with producer and friend Jah-Dee, AzMattic is a supporter of real hip hop, which drives his lyrical content by respecting different viewpoints. AzMattic is originally from Northbrook, IL and started writing and making music during his sophomore year of college. While his inspiration has fluctuated over the years, his true motivation is rooted from hip hop, instrumentals, and staying true to self. After graduating from Millikin University in 2014 with a Communication degree, AzMattic has capitalized on conscious thought(s) and the need for unity and cohesion. With no interest in working a 9-5, AzMattic instructs a pre-K sports class for kids full-time and coaches basketball.

He has opened for hip hop legends such as Wu-tang clan, Mos Def, Cam’Ron, Dave East, Scareface, Twista, Freddie Gibbs and more!

written by Kendra Carruthers


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